Tiny sweet little Cookie has found himself homeless at a very vulnerable time. He is 18.5 years old, but still happy and spritely. He does a little dance when dinner is coming, just a little two-step. He would retie a very quiet, very calm home, with no kids (not because he doesnt like kids but because he requires super gentle attention), and other small senior dogs or cats. Cookie needs a single story house, no steps, and easy access to outside. Cookie is a little project for someone looking to love and care for a senior at their later stages of life. Cookie is incredibly sweet and cute, he just needs a soft warm bed, and soft warm food and love and care. 

We are looking for a very special person, a very patient and gentle person with a lot of love to give

Name :  Cookie
Breed: Maltese Terrier
Age : 18.5 years old (not a typo)
Sex: Male
Weight: 4kg
Desexed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated:  Yes
Wormed : Yes
Cat Friendly :  Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes
Child Fee: $345

Fence type required : Inside Dog - needs access to grass, no steps
Location : Gold Coast