Hi everyone, my name is Clarissa but you can call me Clary.
Between my sister and me, I'm definitely the adventurous one. I love exploring, running, playing, chasing and I've just recently discovered my love for water!
A home with a large yard and active lifestyle would suit me best.
I LOVE food and I'm pretty clever so training is a breeze. I'm crate trained, come when I'm called, sit and am nearly fully toilet trained (I have an accident now and then but at 8 weeks old I think I'm doing pretty well!)
I'm very excited to meet my new family and promise to be the best companion for my humans!

Iā€™m an inside and outside dog, I do naughty things like bark bite chew poo wee and dig. These are all COMPLETELY NORMAL, and you need to be patient and kind and guide me and not stress and have a sense of humour and be resilient, I will get there, but I need you to be understanding until I do

Name : Clarissa
Breed: kelpie cross
Age : DOB 1/11/18
Sex: Male
Weight: 15 kg full grown
Desexed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed : Yes
Cat Friendly : Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes
Child Friendly : Yes
Fence type required : Normal Secure
Adoption fee: $495
Location : The Gap