Little Cindy is a cute little girl who really needs to lose weight, but don't tell her that. She can be a little greedy and perhaps thats why happened, as a result she is about 4 kg overweight. So ideally we’d Like to see her with someone I interested in focusing on her and her weight and we think shed prefer to be the only pet. She is a typical Pom, will bark for a reason, someone at the door by she soon stops. She is just a sweet cheeky girl who loves human attention, she is excellent on the lead and walking with other dogs but ideally she would like to be the only pet at home.

Name :  Cindy
Breed: Pomeranian x Maltese
Age : 10 years old
Sex: Female
Weight:  11kg
Desexed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated:  Yes
Wormed : Yes
Cat Friendly : Untested
Dog Friendly: Yes, but prefers to be only pet
Child Friendly : Yes
Adoption Fee: $345
Fence type required : Normal
Location : Springfield Lakes