Jazzy is a soft sweet girl who LOVES to play soccer. She is ball mad and acts like a pup when playing. She loves kids but can be a little too excitable for toddlers. Jazzy is mostly ok with other pets but she thinks she is human so she is happiest in a pet free home. She is an inside dog and she is house trained and loves to sleep near you. Jazzy loves walks and and doesn’t mind car rides ( gets a little stressed) and is just a wonderful companion. 
When she plays she has a high pitched bark. She’s quite active for her age. She lives with two other dogs and has no issue but likes to be the boss, she mostly ignores cats, as long as they are big and lazy and are prepared to ignore her. 

Please include as much information as you’d like us to know IN YOUR ONLINE APPLICATION ( not your enquiry, please DONT send an enquiry) We can’t call every applicant so please don’t rely on telling us later, put it all in your application, tell us what you like about him, tell about your plans, tell us about how you will care for him ( excerise grooming diet) make it like a real application, make it so we can’t go past your story, thank you


Name : Jazzy
Breed: Fox Terrier
Age : 8 Years Old
Sex: Female
Weight: 8kgs
Desexed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed : Yes
Cat Friendly : Yes but prefers to be the only pet
Dog Friendly: Yes but prefers to be the only pet
Child Friendly : Yes
Adoption Fee: $345
Fence type required : Normal Secure
Location : Mount Cotton