Jazzy is a soft sweet girl who LOVES to play soccer. She loves her soccer ball. She loves to show you her ball skills, but will leave the ball in preference for spending time with you when you retreat inside. She likes kids but can be a little too excitable for toddlers. Food is her favourite subject, so this needs to be controlled. A girl has to watch her waist line you know. She’s currently enjoying home made meals of fresh meats & vegetables and is not fussy. She loves those chicken necks and a nice meaty bone for dental care.

She is an inside dog and she is house trained and loves to sleep near you. Jazzy loves walks and doesn’t mind car rides ( gets a little stressed) and is just a wonderful companion.

When meeting other dogs out on walks Jazzy can get over excited and does has a high pitched bark, a quick change of direction while saying “leave” is working well to settle her down.

She currently lives as an only dog and is slowly making a new friend with the neighbour's dog. Once that initial meeting was established to be no threat, she has relaxed and is now happy to say “hello”. Any meetings with other dogs should be gradual and with control, in a no fuss manner. Jazzy is very receptive to her environment and being a Terrier needs a strong leader who will show her it's ok to chill around company.

Jazzy would dearly love to meet a semi retired couple or maybe single person, where she can have someone to chill with and go for daily walks and outings. Jazzy loves water, she loves puddles, the hose and doesn't mind dipping her toes down at the beach.


Name : Jazzy
Breed: Fox Terrier
Age : 8 Years Old
Sex: Female
Weight: 8kgs
Desexed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed : Yes
Cat Friendly : Yes but prefers to be the only pet
Dog Friendly: Yes but prefers to be the only pet
Child Friendly : Yes
Adoption Fee: $345
Fence type required : Normal Secure
Location : Mount Cotton