Joe Joe is so shy and quiet. He is quite sad but everyday he comes out of his shell a little more. Joe Joe was found with his mum as a stray. His mum was very sick and sadly went to sleep and we believe that she was all Joe every knew. He has really struggled to find himself. He is currently with carer Laura who provides Joe with a quiet home where there is no stress or expect ions on Joe and he can slowly recover from his traumas. 
She has a cat which Joe has seen through the glass and he didn't seem to care. 
He sometimes has a little play and its very cute. He seems happy to be by himself and quietly chews on a bone or sleeps. He comes in at night and snuggles on the couch and its really nice to see him happy. Everyday he is getting better and better and his sad eyes and hang-dog face and slowly staring to change and brighten up. 
Joe is very quiet but because he is so shy we would say no more kids, only because we don't know his exposure. But in all honesty he really likes kids, he thinks he is a kid. 
If you think thou can offer Joe Joe the right type of home, quiet and no pressure, then you will be rewarded in return with seeing a beautiful boy become his happy self, a loyal and attentive friend.

Name : Joe Joe 
Breed: Mastiff Cross Boxer 
Age : 2 Years Old 
Sex: Male 
Weight: 34kg 
Desexed: Yes 
Microchipped: Yes 
Vaccinated: Yes 
Wormed : Yes 
Cat Friendly : Seems to be 
Dog Friendly: Yes if introduced correctly 
Child Friendly : Older would be better 
Adopted Fee: $345 
Fence type required : Normal Secure 
Location : Eaton Hills