Kaity is a very loving family dog that loves attention and cuddles. She loves being around kids. She is currently living with two young kids and she is very loving and caring towards them. She let's them give her pets and cuddles and has never shown anything but love to them.

She likes to go for walks, as she is a cattle dog she needs to have enough exercise and also mentally stimulation. Putting some treats in a plastic bottle and let her figure out how to get them out is one of her favourite games! She is very good on and off leash on a walk. She loves to be taken to the beach or park to get rid of all her energy and is happy to receive some treats after her walks.

Kaity loves the attention and has to be the only dog in the family. She has no problems with dogs at the dog park, during walks or if dogs are visiting but she needs to be the only one in the family. 

She listens to the basic commands like sit, stay, lay down, wait for your food and she can do some tricks like beg, roll over, back up, paw and as she is very intelligent she can be thought so many other things. A fun and happy girl, always up for an adventure

Name : Kaity 
Breed: Cattle dog cross 
Born: 8/10/2011 
Sex: female 
Weight: 23 kg 
Desexed: Yes 
Microchipped: Yes 
Vaccinated: Yes 
Wormed : Yes 
Cat Friendly : No 
Dog Friendly: Yes but prefers to be the only dog at home 
Child Friendly : Yes 
Adoption Fee: $345 
Fence type required : 6 ft fence 
Location : Sunshine Coast