Sweet little Marlow has had a hard start to life. Her and siblings were found scared and alone. She came to us timid and afraid but she is now with loving foster carers who have lovely well adjusted dogs and she is finally starting to settle and feel like a normal dog. She plays, she cuddles, she sleeps, its a good life. Please be prepared to invest time and energy and training. You must be available with your time, not just love. She will need guidance and patience. Too many people adopt working breeds as cute puppies and then are surprised that they need exercise and time. 
If you have small kids, you most likely don't have a lot of spare time, so unless you are an exceptional dog person, time manager and trainer then she won't suit you. If you are awesome in that regard then please put all of that in your application. Its important that you outline to us what type of life and training you are prepared to offer her. Ideally kids are fully grown or at least 5 years away. Working breeds become amazing pets at around the 5 year old mark, until then they need to be a part of your life, sleep inside, hanging out with you, not just stuck in the back yard.
Marlow is incredibly smart and a quick learner. She thrives on keeping an active mind and body and then loves to cuddle and sleep and eat, repeat. 
Marlow is very pretty, hard to see in a black dog, but she has the sweetest face and big ears. We hope someone that has put a lot of thought into her will apply and make her their own.

Name :  Marlow
Breed: Australia Kelpie
Age : DOB 14/10/2017
Sex: Female
Weight:  10kg
Desexed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated:  Yes
Wormed : Yes
Cat Friendly :  Can be trained
Dog Friendly: Yes
Child Friendly : Yes
Adoption Fee: $495
Fence type required : Normal Secure
Location : Upper Coomera