Beautiful big and soft. Also timid and shy and affectionate.
Meet Pip, the loveliest German Shepherd I have ever met. This girl has not been treated well. She has been chained all her life, hosed and attacked by another dog. The place where she lived previously ( no bed, no love) wanted to shoot her to kill her. Pip lived on the chain in the one spot her whole life, eating, pooing and weeing, and then getting hosed down. So she came to us.
All of her Vet work is complete, she will need a kind and patient person, a gentle dog companion would be ok, but she would love to be the only dog and get all the love, and a person who can give lots of TLC.
Please note she hasn’t a mean bone in her body, but very timid if men and hoses and will require a kind patient home, so we would say no small kids.

Name: Pip
Age: 3
Breed: Pure Bred German Shepherd
Weight: 38 kg
Wormed: yes
Vaccinated: yes
Desexed: yes
Child Friendly: yes but older
Dog Friendly: yes
Cat Friendly: untested
Location: Loganholme
Adoption Fee: $495