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As Best Friends Rescue relies 100% on a team of volunteers.

We are closed Sundays to rescue animals and fundraise.

Should you need to leave a message during the hours the phone is not manned .. please provide a landline phone number so we can return your call promptly.

If we have not returned your call in a timely manner .. please accept our apologies and call us again or send us an   Email   BFR   .. sometimes there simply is just not enough hours in a day!

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Best Friends Refuge Rescue

Best Friends Rescue began as a special haven for dogs who were due to be put to sleep .. some of them have special needs .. like medical conditions .. shyness or old age .. others overcame their special needs long ago and are as healthy and happy a pet as you will find anywhere .. all of them are looking for homes to call their own and every one of them deserves a chance.

Please take your time browsing .. on these pages you will find big dogs .. small dogs and everything in between .. all of them anxious to meet you .. if you do not find your new pet today please bookmark this page and check back regularly .. there are always new dogs arriving every day.

Best Friends Refuge and is a non-profit registered charity that saves and rehomes abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats in Brisbane on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas in Queensland Australia.

Most of BFR animals are saved from death row in Council Pounds while others have been surrendered to us .. BFR are 100% No-Kill and as we do not yet have a shelter our animals live with foster carers until the perfect home is found .. this service runs successfully because of our wonderful dedicated foster carers .. volunteers and supporters.

Best Friends Rescue

BFR need help please
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His name is SAXON and he is a sad little guy found wandering the streets of Bundaberg.

Saxon is 2 years old and suffered all his life.

We would like Saxon to have all the vet work he required and to see a specialist for his Cleft palate and hair lip.

Saxon has sad eyes and we feel with vet work and lots of Tender Loving Care and a new home we can make him happy again.

If you would like to donate to Saxon follow the details below.

Please use Saxon as a reference.

BFR need help please
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Best Friends Rescue Inc;
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BSB:  064159

ACCOUNT:  10307188

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Best Friends Rescue


Adopt an Older Dog
My wife and I .. and over a period of thirty years have had four dogs and all were Labradors .. these have usually been in pairs.

We had all four dogs from small puppies .. the last of these died in 2010 and was a little over thirteen years of age.

From that time until September 2013 .. we had no dog and I especially missed not having one around.

Therefore and during August of that year we looked into different dog rescue sites .. eventually settling with Best Friends Rescue.

This organization had an older dog that fitted our criteria .. which fundamentally was that the dog should get along with cats .. as we have two of these pets.

My wife and I have never adopted a pet from a rescue organization before we adopted Fido which was 1st September 2013.

However in saying that we are so very pleased that we did adopt him and that we have had not one regret in doing this .. he is such a lovely-natured dog.
Adopting an older dog
My initial thought to the person who wants to adopt a senior dog .. has to remember that the dog they select is not going to have the same longevity with them as that they would have from that of a puppy and its progress through its life with them.

The older dog is far more settled and generally better behaved than that of a puppy or younger dog .. consequently there is no chewing of furniture or other fittings around ones house.

Therefore an older dog does not appear to have the same inquisitive destructive nature that a younger dog has.

The digging of holes in ones lawns is either nonexistent or very few .. in all honesty Fido has found a small area where he sometimes scratches the grass .. it is not deep or large .. but we can live happily with this.

The older dog certainly enjoys the company of the adoptive owners and gives the impression to have the ability to comprehend that he/she has been given another chance at home-life.

I am not sure that this can be scientifically proved .. however; these two points I have heard from others who have adopted an older dog .. the adopted dog in their senior years are very faithful and most loyal.

My understanding is that the rescue organization have a strict behavioral criteria which the potential adoptive dog must pass before that dog goes to a new owner/family .. therefore the adopted dog has a known behavior and personality.

It appears to me, after adopting Fido and from what others who have adopted an older dog have mentioned to me, that such adopted dogs are always on friendly terms when they come upon other dogs and their owners.

Our dog Fido certainly enjoys the meetings and company of other dogs .. I have never experienced any aggressive behavior from Fido or from other adopted dogs that we meet on our walks.

I guess that all dogs are prone to gluttony if their owners allow this .. we are most careful and mindful of what Fido eats and an adopting owner has to bear this in mind.

We do buy only the better dog foods and all the rest that goes with feeding which includes assorted vegetables and rice at each meal.. we only feed our dog once daily in the early evenings (the same time as both the cats).

My wife and I have recently retired from the work-force, and therefore not quite as active as we were when at work .. having a dog gets us out walking and exercising along with Fido .. which includes ball-throwing from me and retrieving by the dog .. it is a most enjoyable experience.

Being out-and-about with ones dog as mentioned above .. is a good source of socialization and interaction .. for both the dog-owners and the dogs themselves.

Since we have had Fido we have met people who we probably would not have met prior to this .. and we have made some nice passing-friendships with these people and their dogs.

All dogs regardless of age from time-to-time do need some Veterinary attention or input .. lso to maintain the optimum health for ones dog .. medications and maybe daily on-going medications may have to be administered.

However this not only improves the dogs health and well-being .. it also makes the owner feel good inside to know that they are doing the very best that they can for their dog .. and that they are caring people who want a healthy life and life-style for their pet.

It is a myth that an old dog cannot learn new tricks .. I do believe that Fido .. before coming to us .. was well-behaved and responded appropriately with commands .. but he has been given new commands since he has arrived with us.

All it takes is repetition of the instruction .. patience and when he gets it right; lots of positive praise and strokes .. since he arrived with us .. I have performed a few basic commands with him.

He will now sit .. stay and lie when commanded to do so .. from a sit or lie .. I can walk away twenty metres and he will remain as commanded until he hears the command heel; then he comes straight to me; which again he is given positive praise.

When off leash .. every now and again I give him the command heel which he positively responds to .. this is just to let him know .. not to go too far ahead .. and that I am the boss and as dogs are pack-animals .. they have to have a leader; or else they will usurp that role.

He has always responded positively to the no command .. I have never had one fear when he is off the leash .. that he will run off .. or do something undesirable .. but of course .. this does take time and one needs patience.

Also he will release whatever he is carrying in his mouth .. usually the ball or a stick .. it took a little time to achieve this .. but patience .. repetition and then praise when he does it. I just worked on the word loose to achieve this .. now when loose is commanded .. Fido immediately releases the object in his mouth.

I know that my inner self has improved greatly since we adopted Fido .. I do enjoy his company greatly and I perceive that he enjoys our company too.

We are so lucky to have a dog like Fido and furthermore that we have a dog that is a very good traveler .. so he often goes out with us to other areas .. we have taken him on holiday to pet friendly accommodation .. as well as trips to the dog-beach at Southport Spit.

I do experience a lot of psychological satisfaction .. when taking Fido for his daily walks and ball-throwing .. or travelling to other areas.

Despite his thirteen years .. Fido is a very active dog and that is so very nice know and experience.

He and both the cats get along very well together and there is never any altercations between them .. I can in all honesty recommend any person or family to adopt an older dog.

They just fit-in so very well and easily to their new environment and they do give so much happiness to their new home and owners.

Geof James

Best Friends Rescue

Best Friends Rescue Gift Donations

Step 1: Choose a gift from the list above that you would like a BFR pet to have.

Step 2: By using Internet banking copy and paste BSB: and Account Number: and donate the amount the gift is worth.

Step 3: Email Best Friends Rescue   and tell them how much gift money you have donated and what present you want us to buy for a special pet.

Account Details:

Best Friends Rescue Inc;
BSB:  064159
ACCOUNT:  10307188

Best Friends Rescue

BFR need kind Staffy foster carers urgently
BFR Need Staffy Foster Carers
Dedicated Staffy Lovers are desperately needed to be foster carers for Staffies saved from death row .. Best Friends Rescue started Staffy Rescue because of the great love we have for the breed.

However fencing needs to be 5-6 feet for these dogs .. Staffies are adopted fairly quickly but obviously we need somewhere for them to go in the meantime.
If you have good high fencing please spare your home for a short while to save their lives .. for more information   CLICK HERE

BFR need kind foster carers
Best Friends Rescue SAVES unwanted .. neglected and abused pets from a variety of circumstances .. often these little ones are rescued from death row at the pound.

We desperately need more people to care for them until we find them a new permanent home of their own .. if you can offer a place to stay .. lots of love and much needed affection then please do not delay.

Contact Best Friends Rescue and save a life .. it is that easy .. for more information   CLICK HERE
BFR need kind foster carers urgently

BFR Wish List
BFR Wish List
Best Friends Rescue greatly appreciates any assistance that can help us in care for more animals every year .. we are always needing basic necessities that are new or in good condition.

Such as blankets .. bowls .. collars .. leads .. flea and worming treatments .. bedding .. food and much more .. any generosity you can show will be very welcomed .. or more information   CLICK HERE

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