If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please consider the following: 

  •  The person adopting the dog must be over 18 years of age. 
  •  The adoption fee includes Vet check,first Vaccination, Micro-chipping, De-sexing , Worming & Flea Treatment. 
  •  Ensure your yard has appropriate shelter from the weather,shade of a tree is not sufficient. 
  •  Many dogs benefit from having a canine companion .. two dogs provide company for each other when no one is home and will provide twice as much love for you,don't not forget though that two dogs also require twice the time, commitment and cost. 
  •  Please be aware that many rental properties do not allow pets, adopting a pet in these circumstances may not only jeopardise your lease and potentially make it more difficult for you to find future pet-friendly accommodation but it potentially jeopardises the future security of any dog you may adopt under these circumstances.
  • We strongly recommend for both the dog and your sake that you do not adopt a dog if you do not have landlord permission or secure pet friendly accommodation .. experience has shown too many dogs are surrendered because of rental accommodation/body corporate issues resulting in pets on Death Row at the pound. The sighting a written approval from your Landlord is required. 

Bear in mind that dogs can be very costly, make sure you can afford to maintain a dog before applying, some of the costs involved..

  • Quality food ($15-25 per week, depending on size); 
  • Monthly flea,worming & heart worming ($20 upwards); 
  • Vet care (consultations alone are $55-$65 before any other medication or treatment costs); Make sure you are able to give a dog a loving, secure and permanent home. Dogs live between 10-20 years depending on their size and breed. 
  • Any number of future health issues that could arise (from $100 to $1000s).

 If you are successful in adopting a dog from Best Friends Rescue you agree that you will never surrender your dog to a pound or animal shelter; in doing so you will put the dog at risk of euthanasia. 

BFR will take back any dog that you can no longer care for or we will assist you in finding a new permanent home. We have a No Kill policy, by adopting one of the dogs you are potentially opening up a space for us to rescue another pet from death row. 

We screen potential adoptive families to ensure an appropriate match between rescue pets and new owners and offer a three week trial period prior to finalisation of the adoption .. the adoption process is not completed until all parties complete and sign-off an Adoption Agreement, the new owner pays the adoption fee and the Transfer of Ownership documentation is signed-off. 

 If you seek to adopt a dog from Best Friends Rescue a site visit of premises where the dog is to be kept forms part of the adoption process. An application to adopt is an expression of interest to adopt .. completion of an application form does not guarantee approval to adopt.  Decisions on adoption applications are based solely on an assessment of the applicant's capacity and commitment to provide a safe loving and permanent home for the dog under consideration .. along with ages of children and other family members and pets. 

With this in mind Best Friends Rescue assessment of adoption applications is final and no further discussion will occur. 

If you have read and fully understand the above information please click the button below to proceed to the Dog Match Application Form