Here's what's worked for other people who were reunited with their pets:

~  A5 size flyers (photocopied 2 up on A4 page and cut in half) all over your neighbourhood top, same with the reward.
~ Do a 2 x block house check/Door Knockwhere he/she was lost.
~ Put Signage/POSTER  up all around the neighbourhood (*with photo)
~ Walk the area & call out seeing if you hear a familiar bark.
~ CALL IN TO pet related businesses in your area.

~ Call vets within a 5-10k radius
(either go there or/and email them the poster with with photo

~ Call your council animal management team, find out which pound your council sends found pets too (the animal management team can tell you) and go there every week in person to look for your pet
~ find out if they have a website or Facebook page where they post pictures of found animals. Check this daily.
~ Call another 2 x Councils adjacent to yours
~ Personally go and check the Pound these Councils use

~ Lost Pet finders
~ Facebook - checking local Facebook groups for Lost/Found pets, as well as Buy/Swap/Sell pages

• CHECK SHELTERS closet to your area
~ call Lost dogs home

~ put an lost dog sign on Gumtree
~ look in the lost & found pets section of gumtree
ALSO trading post and your local paper. You may also find your pet in pets for sale in gumtree of the trading post - yes some people are that awful :(


Always have a collar with a tag with your 'CURRENT' phone numbers and/or address on it (even with indoor pets (because they can get out)
- If you haven't already done so, desex & microchip & vaccinate your pet as soon as you get it back (it's mandatory)

~ A clear photo of your pet
~ Its name,
~ Description of the pet: breed, large/small, colour, hair length,
~ Whether they are microchipped,
~ Anything noticeable about the pet, like a crazy bark or different coloured collar,
~ It is also very wise to say something along the lines of "requires medication" or "needs urgent veterinary treatment". This is important because if someone has the little pet and thinks they might just keep it, they can be discouraged by the thought that the pet will cost them in veterinarian fees!
~ Last seen date/time and location of pet,
~ Your mobile phone number, and
~ A reward (if you are offering one).

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I hope you find your pet