Best Friends Rescue saves unwanted,neglected and abused pets from a variety of circumstances. While they await a new permanent home of their own these adorable little guys need a loving place to stay until the right family comes along.

What do I need to be a foster carer?
All you need to be a foster carer is a loving attitude toward animals and a suitable home to house the pet until they are adopted.

How long does the pet need foster care?
Most animals are rehomed within approximately four weeks .. however some pets may take a little longer to find the right family and some may only take a few days.

Who pays for the vet bills if veterinary care is required?
Best Friends Rescue is responsible for all vet-related costs that are incurred during foster care .. all the foster carer needs to provide for the pet is food .. water .. a comfy place to sleep and of course .. LOVE!

Can I adopt a pet that I have been fostering?
Fostering is a great way to get to know a pet .. so if you fall in love while fostering .. the adoption process is definitely open to you.

How do I find out more about fostering?

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